The Young EFILA network was officially launched on 8 June 2022 with a kick off event (click here)


What is our purpose?

Its principal aim is to promote the sharing of knowledge of all aspects of international investment law (including arbitration) at the European level amongst younger members of the arbitration community, and provide opportunities for its members to exchange views on topical issues.

This will principally be through an annual event, which will be linked to the annual EFILA Conference.

Young EFILA will also aim to co-host further events and activities with other arbitration organizations and institutions These events and activities will also facilitate networking as between our members.

We also welcome submissions by Young EFILA members to the EFILA Blog (see here) and to the European Investment Law and Arbitration Review (see here) on topics relating to international investment law and arbitration.

We wish to develop Young EFILA organically.  In future, we hope that Young EFILA will coordinate other activities such as a mentorship programme and an Arbitration Academy.

All Young EFILA members are expected to actively develop Young EFILA by proposing creative ideas and organize and participate in its events and activities.


How to join?

Membership is open to practitioners with 3+ years of investment treaty experience, and the upper age limit is 40 years.

Young EFILA is also open to policy makers, academics, as well as LLM and PhD candidates researching in the international investment treaty law and arbitration space.

There is currently no subscription fee.

To become Young EFILA member, send an email with your CV and letter of application to young . efila @ efila . org (remove the spaces).

The Secretary General of Young EFILA will respond to your application.