Aims of EFILA

The European Federation for Investment Law and Arbitration (EFILA) has been established in Brussels as a think-tank to promote the knowledge of all aspects of European and international investment law, including arbitration, at the European level. EFILA endeavours to facilitate a meaningful exchange of views on relevant and timely issues vital to the development of the European internal market and the Rule of Law.

EFILA serves as a platform for a fact- and merit-based discussions on European and international investment law issues. In particular, it fosters an objective debate concerning investment arbitration broadly understood. As a think-tank EFILA tracks the EU’s trade and investment policy and analyzes the scope and use of investment arbitration, especially from a European perspective.

In order to achieve these aims, EFILA has been organising regular events, in particular, its Annual Conference and Annual Lecture. In addition, EFILA cooperates with other institutions for the organisation of seminars, roundtables etc. Moreover, EFILA representatives regularly speak at arbitration events in Europe and beyond.

Finally, EFILA is also actvely engaging with various international organisations, such as UNCITRAL Working Group III, the OECD, UNCTAD, the European Commission etc.