ParisIn 2012 the EU accounted for 16.4% in the world tradeThe EU total FDI outflow amounted 170.6 billionThat year the EU attracted €158.5 billion of FDI

There are thousands of foreign investments made by investors daily

There are currently 3,196 International Investment Agreements In 2012 the number of known investor-State cases was 514
Fotolia_45817700_MBy the end of 2012 the number of concluded investor-States cases was 244Of known cases 42% were decided in favour of the State31% were decided in favor of the investor, 27% were settled

Our aims

The EU was created to achieve the strengthening of economies of its Members States and to contribute to the protection of its citizens. The economic and political stability and development of the EU and its Member States depends to a large extent on offering a stable and foreseeable legal framework for domestic and foreign investors.

In addition, access to an efficient and effective dispute settlement system is an important and integral element of the Rule of Law within and outside of the EU and its Member States.

EFILA complements these endeavours by providing a platform for a fact- and merit-based discussion on the need and advantages of an EU investment law and arbitration policy that ensures the highest standard of protection for all European investors and their investments within and outside of the EU.

EFILA regularly organizes events such as the Annual Conference and the Annual Lecture.

EFILA also publishes papers on relevant topics of European investment law and policy.


Since EFILA was established in June 2014, it has developed into a highly regarded think-tank that is specifically focusing on the EU’s investment law and arbitration policy.

EFILA is unique in that it brings together arbitration practitioners, academics and policy makers, which have extensive first-hand experience and deep understanding of the relevant investment law and arbitration issues.

EFILA’s events, such as the Annual Conference and Annual Lecture, have established themselves as key-events of the investment arbitration community.

In the same year of its establishment, EFILA was nominated by its peers for the Global Arbitration Review (GAR) Prize for the Best Development of the Year in 2014.

In 2015, Sophie Nappert delivered the first EFILA Annual Lecture, which won the Global Arbitration Review (GAR) Prize for the Best Lecture of the Year in 2015.

In 2018, at the EFILA’s 3rd Annual Conference, the Key-note Speech of Charles Brower was nominated for the Global Arbitration Review (GAR) Prize for the Best Lecture of the year in 2018.

Recently, EFILA was granted Observer Status at the UNCITRAL Working Group III, which is working on the reforms of the ISDS system.

Moreover, EFILA’s publications are widely read and cited by policy makers and academics.



On 25 October 2018 Prof. George A. Bermann (Columbia University School of Law) will deliver the next EFILA Annual Lecture in Brussels.

More information will be posted soon.

EFILA recently has also signed the Pledge on Equal Representation in Arbitration.

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