Why an EFILA Academy?

In line with developing EFILA further as a leading think tank covering European investment law and arbitration, the new EFILA Academy will be established as of 1st January 2017.

Despite the political uncertainty in the US (Trump) and the EU (Brexit), CETA, EU-Singapore FTA and EU-Vietnam FTA are likely to be signed and ratified sooner or later.

Thus, the first new-generation EU FTAs with the investment court system (ICS) included will be entering into force in 2017 or 2018.

As EFILA has analysed before, the ICS proposal is in many ways a new, hybrid, sui generis system of dispute settlement resolution, which mixes elements from very different sources (WTO law, EU law, ICSID, NY Convention).

This means that for the first 5-10 years of their existence, EU FTAs will create significant insecurity for lawyers, judges and users of the ICS.

There is thus a need for disseminating and deepening the knowledge of how ICS works, what are its pros and cons and what needs to be done to improve it. Also, the implementation of the ICS will require modifications of the national procedural laws and arbitration laws in order to be able to actually recognize and enforce ICS awards/judgments.

In light of EFILA’s expertise and reputation, EFILA is well-suited to respond to this need, together with other partners.

What will the EFILA Academy offer?

The EFILA Academy will offer – together with other partners – tailor-made (in-house) training, courses and workshops for specific groups who are involved in investment law & arbitration and investment treaties:

1)     Academics (students, LLM+PHD candidates, lecturers)

2)     practitioners (lawyers, arbitrator, judges, in-house counsels)

3)     government officials (Ministry of Justice, Foreign Affairs, Economic Affairs)


Very soon more details will be published on this website.